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First of all, we consist of a good team to provide the best service to our customers. Web design We conduct studies in accordance with the trends by creating different designs, producing new ideas without trying to resemble a company, while performing operations in the field of software and software.

We sacrifice everything for the best result by responding to the wishes and wishes of our customers and staying in touch while working. Web Design Regardless of the size of the company behind our work in social media management and online marketing, we do our job carefully, carefully and conscientiously. You can consult with our company webtru.net in order not to lag behind the competitors and to present your services to Internet users in a comprehensible and optimal way.

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Feedback From Our Customers
We would like to thank the WebTru team for creating a website that we desire both technically and visually.
Muhammet Yıldız - Tyskland Mycotech Security Systems
We have worked with Webtru and have been very satisfied. I especially want to thank the after-sales support team.
Mike Till Leadsky Digital Solution
You have designed a more beautiful site than I imagined. You also fill in the gaps where you are missing. Thanks to the whole team.
Ercan Ak İsveç Teori
You have prepared a beautiful website for our NFT project. We have received positive feedback from visitors. Good luck at WebTru!
Harvey Peter Smart Ape Club

Web Desing

Digital marketing is a marketing method that aims to reach many people through sites such as the Internet in general.

With the increase in Internet users, the focus of companies has shifted to the Internet and its world. In the field of digital marketing, many companies create the necessary budget and look for professional teams to benefit from the most suitable service for their company.

Webtru.net fulfills the wishes of companies that have these quests.

As a Webtru.net, we offer all digital marketing methods of our customers. With our employees who have acquired expertise in digital marketing methods, we will be successful in web design you will have.

Web Desing

Web Desing

With advertising purchasing, planning, measurement and reporting methods, we present your transactions to companies in the digital world.

SEO It is the name for all the work that needs to be done to boost the performance of the website. Internet agency, on the other hand, is the term for the team that consists of people who contribute to and participate in all the work in order to increase the performance of the site.

The company Webtru.net gets to know its customers closely and personally, SEO offers consulting services.Cooperation with an Internet agency websites Web design You can have your page prepared and will be informed about new Internet updates.

In addition, by managing your website with a single company, you can protect your website from penalties using the “white line” principle.

Thanks to the Internet age, there is a high level of Internet usage worldwide. People prefer to fulfill their desires by researching the services and needs they are looking for on the Internet.

As Webtru.net companies, we are stepping in at this point. By working with Webtru.net, you can put your website at the forefront of the image and word search done through the search engine.

Thanks to the service we have provided with the most up-to-date information, by closely and constantly following the Internet algorithm, you can always find the name of your website at the top.

The service of the Internet agency is not only a process that increases the ranking of images and certain words. Advising Internet agencies is directly related to design, software, logo and content issues.

With search engines on the Internet, your site’s link network directly affects content quality. For this reason, the contents of the company and the team from which you receive Internet agency advice are web design and software competence.

In addition, during the completion of the order, the consultant should continuously monitor the performance with the necessary tools and closely monitor the updates of the Internet search engine at certain intervals. Our experienced and experienced team in our agency Webtru.net works diligently and meticulously to increase your ranking and visibility in the search results, analyzes all developments in detail and reports on them. With the data that our teams generate as a result of regular monthly follow-ups, the promised results are achieved.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Webtru.Net?

It is not easy to make a website recognizable on the Internet. To achieve this situation, the site must have features that are unique to it. Thanks to the keywords matching the page and a strong infrastructure, it sets itself apart from competing companies and pushes them to the top. In this way, Internet users can access the website more easily. By working with Webtru.net, you will have dynamic, unique and new ideas to make your website stronger.

By activating these ideas and thoughts, the website will be searched more and a potential increase will be achieved. The constant contact with the experts of the Internet agency makes it possible to always be prepared for new and current innovations in the search engine.

However, if there is a decline in the Internet search engine area of the site, the cause is investigated and analyzed. If necessary, an attempt is made to strengthen the page with new keywords. Thanks to the integrated new keywords, efficiency is ensured without disconnecting from traffic in the website’s Internet environment.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Webtru.Net Agency Specialist?

The main task of the teams of Webtru.net employees is to conduct studies that bring the company and the agreed service to the top in Internet search engines and social media sites. The main tasks of the employee of the Internet Agency who carries out these transactions are as follows:

  • Carrying out content and code analysis of the website,
  • Identify keywords,
  • Backlink research and study,
  • Ensuring the optimisation of the contractual website,
  • Provision of original and quality content services,
  • Make updates in the algorithm area,
  • Correction of errors that occur during the coding phase,
  • Recording of mobile compatibility
  • It has duties and responsibilities such as reporting and tracking.

Apart from these duties and responsibilities, there are elements that are considered high-quality content. At the beginning of these elements, care should be taken that the elements that reduce the speed of the prepared page should be removed.

Page titles and subheadings should be arranged correctly and meta descriptions should be set up correctly. When creating a URL, it should be created with meaningful words. A visually correct optimization should be ensured and there should be reference links within the page. It is necessary to use the right keywords in sufficient numbers and if necessary, and analyze these transactions through regular review.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Website Agency?



SEO agencies go to great lengths to succeed over the internet and social media. Agency employees carry out the entire process professionally and with dedication and their work in the field leads to positive feedback. For these reasons, care should be taken to ensure that the agency being considered is of high quality, masters its work and has new ideas. The success rate and experience of the team working under the agency should be evaluated individually.

In this process, in which the customer and agency employees work together, the right choice must be made, taking certain criteria into account.

When choosing an Internet agency, its quality and reliability should first be researched and clear information should be obtained. This will prevent events like failures and disagreements in the future. If, after researching the agency website, he finds transparent and clear information and achieves success in his work, he can work with this agency.

Another aspect that should be considered when choosing an internet agency is that there should be no communication problems. It is necessary to be in constant contact with the specialist staff of the agency you are considering and the owners of the website throughout the business hours. Good and reputable agencies pay particular attention to this fact and attach great importance to it. In addition, the statements made about the company should be examined and taken into account. Thanks to the positive comments, which are marked as successful, trust can be gained and they can be entitled to use services from this agency.

Finally, the expected performance of the internet agency is how long it takes to complete the desired transactions. Delivery of the agreed deals on the scheduled date and delivery in a short time lead to the success of the agency. This allows the internet agency to stand out positively and make a name for itself through customer satisfaction. References from people who previously worked with the internet agency and were satisfied can become a big family, increasing the customer potential day by day.

Web design and SEO agencies with a high success rate in their field ensure the satisfaction of their clients and create a desire to work with the same company for future work. As a webtru.net company with significant rates, we offer a powerful service to our valued customers in this field in which we have accumulated experience and expertise.

Analyzing websites, closing open pages and Internet search engines and social media management We work professionally to ensure that your name is at the top of the search. We put our signature to successful work by showing the necessary care and meticulousness in each of our works. If you want to get quality design for your website and increase its performance, you can contact our webtru.net agency and make an appointment and get detailed information about the project.

As a Webtru.net site, we analyze all the details of the site you want to work on. In this way, the needs and shortcomings of the site are identified. By taking the right steps to professionally address identified needs and deficiencies, the site is strengthened.

If you want to make new and successful transactions together, it is enough to contact us.


What is SEO?

SEO your website or the service and product you want to deliver to the customer in the Internet search engine or social media It is a service to increase availability in the area. It is professional work to increase traffic on the Internet by applying current strategies.

Can I update my own website?

Developed and designed by agency teams, internet and social media All sites have an admin panel. In this way, the content can be changed or updated by the users. You can easily make the changes you want at any time and make any content changes and updates you want to make on your site yourself without the need for help.

What significance does the agency have for social media, e-commerce and social media sites?

Internet, e-commerce and social media management There is a lot of competition in the industry. The goal is to reach clients faster by creating a difference between other competitors and the company they work with through the teams of experts working in the agency. In this way, the number of visitors to the site can be increased, customer potential can be created and direct sales can be made.

What does responsive design mean?

Responsive compatible internet and social media designs are the work that allows your website to appear seamlessly on smartphones and devices other than computers. Responsive designs ensure that the websites viewed by different screen sizes and devices can be viewed by Internet users without losing their resolution and integrity.

What is Backlink?

We can say that the fundamental importance of backlinks is a business partnership. Backlink to the digitized world

Websites, social media and e-commerce sites

Business partnerships carried out. A backlink is a link from one website to another website. In short, this process can be expressed as publishing with a sublink between websites. Internet with backlink method u social media websites refer to each other in digital environments.
WordPress site users are directed to the website using the sublink on the page they are using. Thanks to the people who click on the links on the page, new visitors are gained and positive values are gained in the search engine algorithm.

What does digital media planning mean?

Digital media planning includes all campaigns carried out during the phase of delivering and promoting your service or product to the consumer. These are the advertising campaigns that should be applied by analyzing the target audience and needs.

Who is a digital media specialist?

It is the person who analyzes the target group and needs of the site and decides on the advertising that will be applied in this direction.

What is the significance of web design?

Internet-friendly content and standards are regularly updated. The biggest factor that determines these standards is search engines. Keeping your website up to date with its content and standards increases the likelihood of appearing at the top of search results.

What is the goal of search engine optimization?

The main purpose of search engine optimization is in search engines and social media We can say that we can rank higher on it. In short, it is an attempt to increase the popularity of the product or company. In this way, sales, services or information on e-commerce sites are made accessible to a larger audience and the customer potential is increased.

How long should I work with the agency?

Agency service is an area where you should use consulting and analysis services as long as your brand exists. Continuity is created through organic growth. You can think of this work as if there were a new person in our team who brings out ideas and works with the goal of constantly developing and developing.

How are agency prices determined by Webtru.net?

Webtru.net agency prices are not determined by details such as word count, package or word limit. It is determined by the business difficulty and industry for each website. As a Webtru.net, you can find out in detail about the price ranges determined by us according to capacity utilization and industries of the websites.

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